Poem ‘One Day’ Published

Pleased to see my poem ‘One Day’ inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s painting ‘Christina’s World’ up at The Ekphrastic Review. Many thanks to editor Lorette C Luzajic.

If you would like to read it please click here

3 thoughts on “Poem ‘One Day’ Published

  1. A really well-crafted poem, Paul – well done. I was fortunate enough to visit the Farnsworth Museum in Maine a few years ago and fell in love with Wyeth’s paintings. I started writing a poem about Christina’s World – even submitted it a few places (unsuccessfully!) – but now it’s languishing somewhere about the shopfloor in bits. After reading yours, maybe I’ll gather it up again now!


    • Thank you Robert, that is really kind of you to say. I enjoyed writing this, it was a challenge set by Jim Bennett from Poetry Kit as part of his Mentoring Course, the 3rd I’ve done with him this year. I’ve almost completed it and plan to ‘fly solo’ in 2018, although I might be cheeky and apply for a week-long Ty Neuadd course. By the way, we have Finola Scott from Glasgow coming to stay next week as she is reading at the CoastToCoastToCoast event on Tues. I just wondered if you know her? My partner John and I met her at the Prole Writes event in Manchester a few months ago and got on famously!

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