Poem Published by Anapest Journal

I’m double chuffed that my ekphrastic poem about Edward Burra’s painting ‘The Snack Bar’ was published today by Veronica Bruce, editor at Anapest Journal in America. I bought a print of the painting in York in 1988 and it was the first piece of art to adorn the walls of my little house there. I am still so fond of the painting and obviously I had plenty of time to think about what to write about it! I hope my poem does justice to the wonderful art of Mr Burra. Here’s the link to Anapest Journal: 


Still Life Of A Toad


so this is where you live

your sitting tenant life

in damp lower ground accommodation


I nearly missed your army fatigue

autumn leaf coloured camouflage

and those headlamp eyes that

see sky and ground simultaneously

in that corner where we keep

the compost near the dead wood


perhaps you are planning

a forage or awaiting

an unsuspecting insect

your turned down mouth

lips tight as a letterbox

nonplussed by my presence


I watch you squat dry and rooted

still as a grave contemplating

the smooth-skinned hop of frogs

and their urgency to be kissed


First Published in The Weekly Avocet #243, August 2017