Poem In Writers’ Cafe Magazine – Issue 17

So pleased my poem ‘What Lies Beneath’ below is included alongside many fine poets in this latest Writers’ Cafe Magazine on the theme of ‘masks’. Thank you to editor Marie Lightman for another excellent collection 🙏

What Lies Beneath

Fear embedded in fairy tales
the face disappointment might pull
healing hiding inside a bruise
pain erased by a mother’s kiss
poker players’ blank canvas
language spoken only by eyes
car showroom repertory theatre
intention veiled behind a smile
politicians’ buttressed egos
the dead weight of beliefs
anamorphic dream symbols
the innocence of quicksand
chameleon Pantone camouflage
pine-coned floor beneath evergreens
cloud-discoloured blue sky
blanket fog that haunts urban nights
placebo’s magic deceit
faith, hope and propaganda

Short Video: Black Light Engine Room, Middlesbrough

Here’s me reading ‘This Friday Afternoon’ at Black Light Engine Room (BLER) held in Off The Ground Coffee, Middlesbrough last September. I was one of four guest readers invited by organiser p.a.morbid that night, the others were my talented poetry friends Zöe Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe, Joe Williams and Andrew Talbot. Thanks to organiser p.a.morbid for filming and posting this YouTube clip.


Absolutely delighted to have my poem ‘Otherworlds’ included in ‘Well, Dam!’ the latest Beautiful Dragons anthology put together so lovingly by Rebecca Jane Bilkau. So pleased to appear alongside so many wonderfully talented poets. It is a fabulous read. Copies of ‘Well, Dam!’ (and other Beautiful Dragons anthologies) available via beautifuldragons@icloud.com