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‘QUOTIDIAN’ (Yaffle, 2019)

‘MUCKLE ANIMA’ (Dreich, 2022)

I’m from the Wirral, UK and have been writing poetry since 1990. My first published poem was ‘A Tale Of Two Sandals’ in May 2017. Since then my poems have appeared in a range of print journals, online magazines and anthologies

An up-to-date list of my work can be found at Published Poems. In A-Z order, I’ve had poems published in Algebra of Owls, Amaryllis, Amble Magazine, Amethyst Review, Anapest/Paragon Journal (USA), As Above So Below, Atrium Poetry, Beautiful Dragons ‘Watch The Birdie’ anthology,  Beautiful Dragons ‘Well, Dam!’ anthology, The Blue Nib, Bonnie’s Crew anthology, Broken Spine Artist Collective Issue 2, Clear Poetry, CoronaVerses anthology, Dear Reader, Dodging The Rain (Ireland), Domestic Cherry 6, Dreich Magazine, Dreich ‘Afterwards’ anthology, Dreich ‘Burn & Rave’ anthology, Dreich ‘Fire & Water’ anthology, Dreich ‘Summer, Anywhere’ anthology, Dreich ‘Wee Book of Poems’ anthology, Eunoia Review, Failed Haiku (USA), Foxglove Journal, Fragmented Voices online, Fragmented Voices 2020 Love anthology, Good Dadhood, Grand Little Things (USA), Half-Moon Books ‘The View From Olympia’ anthology, Hedgehog Press: A Restricted View From Under The Hedge Issues 3&4, Here Comes Everyone: The Rituals Issue, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Lighten Up Online, London Grip, Lyrical Aye, Marsden Jazz Festival (Poster Poem), Marble Poetry Issue 3, Maytree Press ‘Green Fields’ anthology, Nine Muses Poetry, Neologism Poetry Journal (USA), Northampton Poetry Review Issues 1&2, Now Then Manchester ‘Word Life’ magazine, Obsessed With Pipework No.92, One Hand Clapping online, Optimum, Peeking Cat Issue 29, Pendemic, Plum Tree Tavern (USA), Poetry Breakfast (USA), Poetry Wivenhoe, Poets Directory ‘192’ magazine, Poets Online (USA), Prole Issues 24/26/27/28/29/30, Rats Ass Review (USA), Reach Poetry 225&231, Red Eft Review (USA), Riggwelter, Runcible Spoon, Scrittura Magazine, Sledgehammer Literary Magazine, Slice of The Moon Books ‘Earth We Are Listening’ anthology, Slice of The Moon Books ‘The Mountains You Can’t See’ anthology, Strix #5, The Beach Hut, The Curlew: Volume III Issue 1 ‘Betula’, The Ekphrastic Review (USA), The High Window, The Lake, The Lampeter Review Issue 15, The Ofi Press (Mexico), The Open Mouse, The Poetry Shed, The Poetry Village, The Quality Of Mersey anthology, The Red Ceilings, The Weekly Avocet (USA), Three Drops from a Cauldron Midwinter 2017, Visual Verse, Wildflower Muse (USA), Wirral Festival Of Firsts, Writers’ Cafe Magazine, Yaffle Press ‘An Insubstantial Universe’ (George Eliot) anthology, Yaffle Press ‘Whirlagust’ anthology.


‘Muckle Anima’ Winner 2022 Dreich Chapbook Competition

‘Dylan Thomas At Breakfast In Café Delancey’ Highly Commended 2020 Wirral Poetry Competition (Wirral Prize)

‘Melt’ Second Place 2019 Yaffle Prize

‘Nature Boy’ Highly Commended 2019 Welshpool Poetry Competition

‘Water Stories’ Shortlisted 2019 Welshpool Poetry Competition

‘Around Royden Park’ Winner 2018 Wirral Greenspaces with Lens and Pens Competition

‘Edward Burra: The Snack Bar (1930)’ Nominated 2017 Pushcart Prize