Welcome to WaringWords, my poetry blog. I’m Paul Waring, a clinical psychologist living in Wirral, UK. I’ve enjoyed a varied career, including owning and designing a menswear label ‘Art + Paul’ and being a singer/songwriter in several Liverpool bands. I began writing again in 2016 after discovering several files of my poetry up to 1996 had gone missing.

Here is a list of my 2017 publications. In addition to those listed, I have poems forthcoming in Scrittura Magazine, Ekphrastic Review, Plum Tree Tavern, Northampton Poetry Review and Algebra of Owls.

Publications 2017

‘A Conference Of Crows’ Rats Ass Review, Winter 2017, December 2017
‘Man On A Train’ Prole Issue 24, December 2017
‘Inevitabilities’ Reach Poetry 231, December 2017
‘Raven at Solstice’ Three Drops from a Cauldron, Midwinter Special, December 2017
‘this friday afternoon’ The Lampeter Review, Issue 15, December 2017
‘People Watching’ Lighten Up Online, December 2017
‘Night Showings’ Poetry Breakfast, November 2017
‘Sleeptalker’ Eunoia Review, November 2017
‘A Big Something and Nothing’ Eunoia Review, November 2017
‘Going For A Song’ Visual Verse, Vol. 05 – Chapter 1, November 2017
‘On Bedsits’ Amaryllis, November 2017
‘No Hiding Place’ Visual Verse, Vol. 04 – Chapter 12, October 2017
‘The Selkie’s Revenge’ Anapest/The Paragon Journal, October 2017
‘Pencils On A Table’ Anapest/The Paragon Journal, October 2017
‘Urban Decay’ Anapest/The Paragon Journal, October 2017
‘The Taste of Lisbon’ Anapest/The Paragon Journal, October 2017
‘saving a shell’ Foxglove Journal, October 2017
‘Cézanne’s Fruit Bowl Fracas’ Amble Magazine, September 2017
‘Prickly Pear Stare’ Visual Verse, Vol. 04 – Chapter 11, September 2017
‘Marsden Blue Notes’ Poster Poem Accepted for Marsden Jazz Festival 2017
‘Sequoias’ Scrittura Magazine, Issue 9, September 2017
‘the other side of nowhere’ Foxglove Journal, September 2017
‘A Dog’s Life’ Peeking Cat, Issue 29, September 2017
‘Dog Senryu’ Failed Haiku, Issue 21, September 2017
‘Days Lie In Wait’ Foxglove Journal, August 2017
‘Monochrome Maze’ Visual Verse, Vol. 04 – Chapter 10, August 2017
‘In Cities At Night’ Clear Poetry, August 2017
‘Time To Go’ Clear Poetry, August 2017
‘Not Quite 8½’ Northampton Poetry Review Issue 1, August 2017
‘Edward Burra: The Snack Bar (1930)’ Anapest/The Paragon Journal, August 2017
‘1 What Every Child Needs (4)’ Wildflower Muse, August 2017
‘Fear That Can’t Speak’ Wildflower Muse, August 2017
‘Still Life Of A Toad’ The Weekly Avocet #243, August 2017
‘Mona Lisa Musing’ The Ekphrastic Review, July 2017
‘A Long Walk’ The Open Mouse, July 2017
‘Inspired by Sonnet 129’ Poets Online, June 2017
‘the girl who knew the moon’ Eunoia Review, June 2017
‘Clearing Grandma’s House’ Optimum poetry zine, June 2017
‘Memory Thief’ The Red Ceilings, June 2017
‘On Nights’ The Red Ceilings, June 2017
‘Minds Under Arrest’ The Red Ceilings, June 2017
‘A Tale of Two Sandals’ Reach Poetry magazine, June 2017

Big thanks to Write Out Loud, a community of poets. I posted my first 100 poems there: https://www.writeoutloud.net/profiles/paulwaring

Many thanks for visiting.