It’s A Year Since ‘Quotidian’ Was Launched!

A year ago today, my Yaffle Press pamphlet ‘Quotidian’ was launched at West Kirby Arts Centre. It was a memorable afternoon – such a friendly, relaxed atmosphere which 60+ poets and close friends, many of whom travelled from different parts of the country, seemed to really enjoy. Brilliantly hosted by Yaffle Managing Editor Mark Connors, superb readings from guest poets Gill Lambert, Pat Edwards and Edwin Stockdale and additional readings from several local poet freinds. In between, there were beautiful piano pieces played by the incredibly talented local musician Izzy Ryder. At the interval, a range of delicious snacks were served. Once again, massive thanks to everyone who attended and helped make it such a special occasion.

It has been a very busy and exciting year. Since the launch, I’ve done several guest poet readings at Word Club in Leeds, Black Light Engine Room in Middlesbrough, Sheep Town in Skipton and at Pat Edwards’ ‘Only Blood’ Yaffle pamphlet launch in Bishop’s Castle. Sadly, due to Covid-19, several other guest readings around the country had to be cancelled. 

I am so grateful to everyone who bought a copy of ‘Quotidian’ and gave such encouraging feedback. It really matters to me to hear the thoughts of respected peers. I was fortunate to have a Sphinx OPOI Review ( written by poet Mat Riches and I have another review by Peter Ualrig Kennedy forthcoming at London Grip. 

In November, I felt honoured that Atrium Poetry’s lovely editors Holly Magill and Claire Walker selected ‘Quotidian’ as their monthly Featured Publication (

A few months ago I was invited by editor Paul Brookes to take part in the Wombwell Rainbow interview series (

In August I will be the featured ‘Caught In The Net’ poet on the Poetry Kit site and am so grateful to editor Jim Bennett for inviting me. 

During the recent months of lockdown, I’ve tried my best to keep writing and find ways to inspire myself and avoid getting into a ‘groundhog day’ rut. I’ve managed to keep submitting poems for publication. If you’re interested, I keep a log of them on the Published Poems ( page on this site.

So, what a year it has been. I am so grateful to so many people for their support and encouragement along the way so far. I’m still so proud of ‘Quotidian’. To think, just over three years ago, my partner and I were still living in Lisbon and had been busy learning Portuguese every day until our decision to return to the UK. This acted as a prompt to start writing poetry again after a gap of almost 20 years. And what luck to have found a perfect hobby, one that I truly love doing! 

What next? Well, I’m busy writing and thinking about a follow-up Yaffle Press pamphlet or collection which will probably appear in 2021. I feel honoured to be part of such a young, vibrant press with wonderful editors Mark Connors, Michael Farren and Gill Lambert.

If I’ve managed to keep you reading this far, thank you so much, you’re a star! x