A So-So So-And-So

just when you think you know yourself
life can creep up on you, the unwary,
to reveal a new persona that stares back
from the mirror at your disbelief, now

that you’re normal, a mere mortal, no
longer edgy, racy or extreme, eyes
lacking twinkle and sparkle now
average has been bestowed on you

your confusion will wonder where
you were when the change occured
and why the ordinary had selected
you for a makeover of the mediocre

that will see you spend typical days
doing regular things in a routine
way, hugging the middle of the road
and embracing the run of the mill

finding adequate more-or-less acceptable
and predictability par for the course as
you calmly assume the reasonable role
of master of the mundane

meaning everything about the everyday
is suddenly alright and you’re always
feeling OK, fair to middling, nondescript,
but not so bad, just a so-so, so and so.

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