Here’s The Sting

dive out of bed on a duvet day
to go a-wandering
away from your comfort zone.

do these things in order:
put your worries in the wash
drink two too many coffees
skip the organic muesli
fill up on a full fat fry up
then go…only don’t leave
without sensible shoes and
clean undies (you never know).

follow the route I gave you,
1hr 42mins should do it, 82.6
miles to the base of the mountain.

park up. climb, climb as if it’s
your last day on earth; at 1,832 feet
carve your name on a dead tree and
laugh like a drain as you imagine
Sir Edmund Hillary singing “climb
ev’ry mountain” whilst doing a John
Cleese silly walk and having the
thought that nothing really matters.

by the time you hit the summit at
3,213 feet you’ll sense Sartre’s being
and nothingness. catch your breath.
stand up, strip off (who cares, no-one’s there)
and dance like no-one’s watching,
it’s just you skiving off on a duvet day.

and here’s the Sting,
I’ll be watching you