Two Poems Published at Runcible Spoon

A pleasant surprise today to find I have two poems up at the wonderful Runcible Spoon webzine. I’m so grateful to editors Kathleen and David Strafford for giving these wildly imaginative poems, written during the first weeks of lockdown, a perfect home.

You can read ‘Postcard From a Stationary Tourist’ via this link:

and ‘I Marry Tony Soprano’ via this link:

Poem Published at One Hand Clapping Magazine

Delighted that my poem ‘Edgeless’ is in the latest splendid issue of One Hand Clapping magazine alongside a stellar cast, including several poetry friends. My grateful thanks to editor Alan Humm. It’s well worth a read via:

Paul Waring: a poem


Today I lack spark

charmless as plain biscuits

sharp as a butter knife

in a doll’s house.

Then it hits:

my God I’ve lost my edge

not even a match

for Miss Brodie’s chrysanths

each articulation

a barrage of bum notes

dull as a bell buried

halfway up Everest.

Today you might as well know

I’ll have nothing to say.

Paul Waring is a retired clinical psychologist from Wirral. His poetry is published in Prole, Atrium, Strix, Ink, Sweat & Tears, London Grip and elsewhere. Awarded second prize in the 2019 Yaffle Prize, commended in the 2019 Welshpool Poetry Competition, his debut pamphlet Quotidian is published by Yaffle Press.