Poem Accepted by Atrium

Absolutely delighted that Atrium Poetry have accepted my poem ‘ Let Us Be Lit’ for publication in late-June. I’m also chuffed that it will be my fourth appearance in what has long been one of my favourite online magazines. Grateful thanks to its brilliant editors, Claire Walker and Holly Magill.

Poem Accepted by Eunoia Review

I’m really pleased to have had another poem accepted by Eunoia Review for publication in mid-May. I’ve submitted to this lovely webzine for a number of years. It’s based in Malaysia and attracts poetry from writers around the world. Grateful thanks as always to editor Ian Chung.

‘Bus Stop Etiquette’ on Ink, Sweat & Tears

On another difficult day for the world, my poem ‘Bus Stop Etiquette’ was published by Ink, Sweat & Tears, one of my favourite sites. Thank you Helen Ivory.

Bus Stop Etiquette

We roll up piecemeal, shuffled rush-hour
pack in all weathers; fix envious glares
into underoccupied kerbcrawl cars
blaring rock, pop, classical, duh-duh-duh
dance and dumbass ads. It’s Britain

so we queue; eyecontactless, heads bowed
into mobiles like bibles among eavesdroppers
alert for you’ll never guess news; so I turned 
round & said braggadocio, grandparent
gloats, death and health-obsessed drama.

One eye out for the 432, the other on gatecrashers
lurking to gazump our too-shocked-to-say
chorus line; its well-rehearsed lean to the left,
arms outstretched in synchrony, body language
as one chanting thou shalt not pass.